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moving YoYo loaches & friends

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Old April 13th 08, 02:29 PM posted to rec.aquaria.freshwater.misc
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Default cycling with plants (was:) moving YoYo loaches & friends

On Apr 13, 3:23*am, "Gail Futoran"
There are a number of articles and comments
in forums that refer to using living plants
to help cycle a new tank. *To set up my new
55G, I relied heavily on Chuck Gadd's article:http://www.csd.net/~cgadd/aqua/art_plant_newtank.htm

I departed from his steps in two ways:
1) I don't do CO2 injection. *Instead I used daily
doses of Flourish Excel. *And I didn't exactly
overdose the tank, but I did use larger doses than
recommended on occasion. *My plants are low
light, easy care plants, nothing that absolutely
requires CO2 injection.

2) I didn't add fish until most of my plants were
in place and the tank had been running for almost a
month, and I didn't start with only algae eaters. *In
the first batch of fish I added one Oto plus three
Cory cats and two Glowlight tetras (plus the four
teensy fry that came into the new tank on some
plants). *The second batch of fish, added a day later
included two Neon tetras and two more Cory cats.

I still have more stem plants to add, but then I'll be
able to remove some of the floaters to keep them
from blocking light to the lower levels. *I.e., the
plant biomass will stay approximately the same.

I haven't seen any algae in the tank that I didn't
bring in from an existing tank (i.e., several Java
Fern leaves have some algae on them), and there
has been no bacterial bloom, but then yesterday
was only my second day of adding fish. *I'll wait
a week and monitor water parameters daily before
adding more fish.

I'm aware that cycling is a controversial topic,
but the system I used based on Chuck Gadd's
article appeared to work just fine. *I used a
very similar method several years ago when
setting up a new 20G Long tank, with no
problems - and it has the heaviest plant growth
of all my tanks.

In doing research for this post, I learned a new
term: *"silent cycling", which is what some people
are using to refer to cycling with plants.

I think I've exhausted anything I have to say on
this subject. *I'm going to enjoy my new 55G
and its plants, driftwood and fish.


Whatever works for you is the way to go..As with most everyting there
is not only one way to do it controvosial or not..........
I read somewhere that eggs and fry are perhaps much more hardy than
what they are generally considered to be. We as humans view "baby"
anyhting as vulnerable and weak, but in nature, that is not always
the case. I do have to think that perhaps you would have cory fry as
well as many other fry (from eggs) in your tanks if once the eggs were
laid, all adult fish no matyter what kind they are was removed from
the tank........I have already netted out a tank of fish and left tank
empty or void of any visible "fish" and in some cases even shut off
filtraton and lights, only to find young enjoying themselves at a
later date. I guess your right, if those eggs were transferred over
with gravel or water or plants etc etc, and hatched, I uwld not be
overly concerned with what the waters parameters really are,
especially the nitrates...................
Old April 14th 08, 07:23 AM posted to rec.aquaria.freshwater.misc
Reel McKoi[_10_]
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Default cycling with plants (was:) moving YoYo loaches & friends

"Gail Futoran" wrote in message
There are a number of articles and comments
in forums that refer to using living plants
to help cycle a new tank. To set up my new
55G, I relied heavily on Chuck Gadd's article:

Very interesting article. Thanks.

Old April 15th 08, 06:13 PM posted to rec.aquaria.freshwater.misc
Ridley Scoot
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Default moving YoYo loaches & friends

"Reel McKoi" wrote in message

"Tynk" wrote in message
On Apr 8, 10:35�pm, Larry Blanchard wrote:
On Tue, 08 Apr 2008 19:52:19 +0000, Gail Futoran wrote:
The 55G has been set up for about a month.
Since I moved plants, driftwood, and decor
from the 20G, the 55G is already cycled.
I.e., ammonia is zero, nitrites are zero, nitrates
are present but low.

Unless you've been adding ammonia, or there are fish already in the
I don't see how it could be considered cycled.

I too was wondering about the tank running with live bacteria that
moved into the tank, but nothing to feed it for a month.


Just a nerdy thought on this.

Even if your 55G was a sterile new setup, I'd predict the plants you
introduced "should" have been enough of a bacterial seed even though
their population would have been reduced only to the level of what was
needed in the new tank. The reason is the geometric reproductive rate
of bacterial - it really only takes a few for them to be able to
acheive "critical mass" quickly. Excellent water circulation and
careful, graduated introduction of the fish-load (if large) should be
all you'd need to add to the plants for assured success.

Some fun links from people who probably know more about it than I:
http://www.fao.org/ag/agl/agll/ipns/....jsp?term=g025 (nice formula here)
http://www.science.org.au/nova/087/087box02.htm (nice chart here)
http://www.pondenterprises.com/filter/nitrogen.html (bacterial
reproductive rates and more info)

Supplemental quotes (links change so often!):
"Bacteria multiply in geometric progression. The mean generation time
(MGT) for fast growing Rhizobium is 2 - 4 hours, for slow growers 6 -
12 hours and for Azotobacter it is 2 - 3 hours."
"In fresh water [our bacteria] tend to replicate geometrically every 8
hours, salt water slows the reproductive rate to about once every 24
Good luck!


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