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Default Dead frogs in massachusetts pond

In article . com,
we are experienceing some seriously unseasonbly warm weather here in
massshoudl hit 60 degress today). My pond went from being all ice
(exept for where the heater was) to all water overnight. I went out to
look at it this morning and found about 4 dead frogs. 2 floaters, twi
that I could see towards the bottom cause they were belly up. Any idea
what killed them? The fish are down there and seem ok. Could this
have sometihng to do with the crazy temp shift?

I'm sort of curious to find out, not really sure how to find out, if
maybe the oxygen level wasn't sufficient enough to keep them going in
their state of hibernation where as the fish were able to move around to
better water. If there wasn't water movement, might of caused a problem?

Oh, if only Noah would of been a bit more wise,
he surely would of swatted those two flies.

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