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Hey, I cut a nice plug for the top yesterday. I ended up with one inch
of 1"-40 threads on a 1.25" dia plug. I bored a 1/8" hole through the
plug, down the centerline. Finally I bored a 7/16" - 1" deep hole and
cut threads for 1/4" pipe. I mounted my pressure gauge in the top of
the plug.

All I can find at the moment is a 0-60bar gauge... 800 something psi I
think. It is actually a borrowed gauge, that's why I mounted it in the
plug. I figured that's better than trying to fix a big gaping hole in
the tank when a new gauge requires an assortment of fittings to thread
1/4" pipe. The fitting on this gauge is brass instead of steel. I don't
gat any warm fuzzies from that, but I guess we'll see. After all I am
testing Da Bomb outside right?

The neighbors have goats..... I wonder how goats respond to 1/4" steel
debris traveling at the speed of sound? and a shock wave?

"Da Bomb" = "Da Goat Bomb"