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Default 30g >100g?

The water will already be partially cycled, but wont' be done until the
whole surface area is covered with the bacteria, the good kind.... but
you're on the right track by using everything from the 30... I've done it
several times, and it's usually uneventful....goodluck

"Dan Norgard" wrote in message
I will be transporting all the bacteria-laden gravel, the bio-wheels and
filtration, and all the water from the year-old 30g to the new 100. Do I
really need to 'cycle'? All the fish and plants are thriving in the 30.

"-=Almazick=-" wrote in message
news:[email protected]_s54...
Problems - NO
Converting - pain in the butt
You'll have a lot of fun and expect to spend the whole day on setting up

new tank and don't forget about Cycle.

"Dan Norgard" wrote in message
I recently received a 100 Gallon tank and plan to put

plants, substrate, biowheels and water from the 30 into it. Of course

will already have additional substrate in it an be heated to match the
existing tank...does anyone see a problem with that? I guess you could
think of it as a 300% water change. 8^)