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Default Lawnmower BLENNY

'Lawnmowers' are a group of blennys
I have had maybe 3 or 4 types including redspots and peacocks
and the redspots went the caulerpa stuff
Peacocks leave it alone....... unless they get desperate.
I am not convinced that they need vege matter from a marine source.
Not convinced they don't either, but figure they get enuf cropping the LR
and glass in the tank.
The rest is all just vege's from the fridge really. I have a lot of fish and
the cheap solution that works is the one I use.
had good luck with the random vege blends.
Just turn to mush and dry out into 'algae disc' looking things.
Can but try and they are certainly a very very helpful money saver.
Keeping Lawnmowers well fed = much less problems with them jumping/fighting
or getting sick or injured.
We all have our secret recipes, but I'm sure you can think one up.
besides it costs just a few cents to try.
leave them to dry
and feed away
never know could nail it on first go
better than $30 for a bag algae discs anyway

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.. .
Would he eat caulerpa algae?


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. net...
I was having a lot of green algae growing in my tank so I got a
Let me tell you, he is GREAT. Better than a janitorial company: He

glass (windows), lol

My concern is, he is getting the tank spotless but what will he eat


I noticed he doesn't eat when I feed the tank, just interested in

Should I start to increase the bio load to speed up the algae growth



I feed small amounts of nori-roll, shelled green pea and vege scraps from
dinner that night.
lawnmowers, surgeons and hermits are all big fans.
I have been making my own 'weekend' feeders for a while now, and my mixed
vege's ones are very popular with the lawnmowers.
best advice I can give is do a bit of research and then try a bit of this
and a bit of that.
they can eat most veges we can!