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Default Lawnmower BLENNY

Would he eat caulerpa algae?


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. net...
I was having a lot of green algae growing in my tank so I got a Lawnmower
Let me tell you, he is GREAT. Better than a janitorial company: He

glass (windows), lol

My concern is, he is getting the tank spotless but what will he eat


I noticed he doesn't eat when I feed the tank, just interested in green

Should I start to increase the bio load to speed up the algae growth



I feed small amounts of nori-roll, shelled green pea and vege scraps from
dinner that night.
lawnmowers, surgeons and hermits are all big fans.
I have been making my own 'weekend' feeders for a while now, and my mixed
vege's ones are very popular with the lawnmowers.
best advice I can give is do a bit of research and then try a bit of this
and a bit of that.
they can eat most veges we can!