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I recently moved from an apartment to a house successfully. No fishy
deaths. I have a lot of the same fish you mentioned in two tanks - a 20
gallon and a 10 gallon. My move was a 30 minute drive. So the situation
sounds pretty similar except that I don't have quite the volume that you do.

Supplies used:

1 styrofoam cooler (got it from an Omaha Steak gift sent to me)
5 of those ziploc storage containers w/lids that are rectangular and about
30 or so QUALITY ziploc gallon size bags

What I did:

I tried to salvage as much of the aquarium water I could so I filled the
rectangular storage containers most of the way full with aquarium water and
put about 6 or 7 fish in each container and put the lids on. Then I double
bagged the ziploc bags and filled each about 2/3 full with aquarium water
(they were getting too heavy to fill all the way) - did this until I ran out
of bags. I put a couple of the bags of just water on the bottom of the
cooler. Then put the fish in their containers in on top of the bags. And a
couple more bags of water only on top. At the time I only had the one
cooler. Had I had another one I'd have put the rest of the bags of water in
another cooler. The remaining water in the aquariums I poured out until
they were light enough to lift and wouldn't slosh out in the car. We left
right away and got to our new house where we took everything inside. I
cleaned out the tanks really well, got them all set up and then starting
emptying the baggies of water into them. When all the aquarium water was
gone, if there wasn't enough for the fish yet, I filled more with tap water.
Then put the fish and the water they were in from the containers into the
aquariums and some stress coat and shazam - all done.

Having said that, I would *not* recommend the ziploc baggies. The
containers worked really well, but the baggies were leaky - even double
bagged. In retrospect, I don't know WHY I got the baggies!! A plastic
container would have worked better I'm sure... something with a lid to keep
everything dry .

So anyway, hope all that helps and you can use it to customize your own
Good luck!

"Petebert" wrote in message
Im moving 8 miles across town, whats the best way to move my 55 gallon

water fish? For a minute I thought about buying a 25 gallon trash can to
move as much of my current water as possible, then I remembered that Im

strong enough to lift that much! The fish tank move will be done in a back
of a mini van. Id have quite a few plastic bins, maybe fill those with
water? one containing the fish. The tank has 2 aussie rainbows, 5 giant
danios, 2 gouramis, 3 cory cats and 3 little algea eaters dont remember

name right now, oxy something or another.