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Default Good way to peel an bubble-tip anemone off the rock

Pszemol wrote:
"Yukon" wrote in message
On Feb 23, 11:13 am, "Pszemol" wrote:
My tank is overgrown with bubble-tip anemones which I plan
to peel off the rock and trade in for some corals or some stuff...
The trick is - how do I peel it safely from the rock without
hurting it? Anybody has a trick to this job?

Let us know how it goes.

Since I do not have 3rd tank to put it in, even temporarly,
I have to find a person who wants it first, and then when
we meet, we will try to move it out from my tank to some
plastic bag for transport :-) I will try your method then.

try putting a small rock next to it, then aim a powerhead at it on the
opposite side. it should move away from the water flow. when it's on the
small rock, include that in the purchase.