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Default Good way to peel an bubble-tip anemone off the rock

On Feb 23, 11:13*am, "Pszemol" wrote:
My tank is overgrown with bubble-tip anemones which I plan
to peel off the rock and trade in for some corals or some stuff...
The trick is - how do I peel it safely from the rock without hurting it?
Anybody has a trick to this job?

I've had luck moving a few anemones by pointing a powerehead right at
them for a few days to upset them. Sometimes that is enough for them
to loosen up enough to be safely pried off the rock. If that doesn't
work, take some ice and hold it to the foot of the anemone for a few
minutes. The anemone will really shrink from the ice and should
release. If it doesn't release within a few minutes, the ice may harm
it so only try a few ice cubes. Sometimes it works sometimes not.