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Default Azola to give away

I shipped a plant up to B.C. several to many years ago.
I had to declare what I had in the package
so I just lied. I also had to write on the outside of the box what was
An agent checked up with my friend .... wow what one little lie caused.
I'd say "Travel that road at your own risk".


"Heather" wrote in message
Sure - I would. I don't think we are allowed by customs to ship plant
products across the border though. Does anyone know for sure?


"" wrote in message
will you ship to Colorado Springs, CO?

Heather wrote:
If you live in Canada send me an email and I'll send you some of this

for postage or trade. If you live in SW Ontario you can come pick up

you want. It is overrunning my pond. And I hate throwing plants

Also have some duckweed and a velvety floater I forget the name of.

SW Ontario (where it's raining again.....)