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Hey RM.If you sever see Hikari Micro Wafers, give them a try. I have
yet to find a fish that would not eat them. *What you *need to do is
send Hikari an email and tell them their food is high dollar, and yuor
income is low dollar, and yu need to be very selective on what foods
your fish will actualy consume and benefit from, and you will not
spend $X.XX on food only to have the fish turn their noses up at it.
Tell them you know drug companies, and dog food companies all send out
free samples and was wondering if they also did. *I was told to do
this and I did and I received a email asking for my residence so they
could mail a package of samples to me. They sent me a heap of packets
of all kinds of foods ...............which fed my fish for quite some
time. Also look in the various petstores like Deathco and Petsmart
etc, as often times the distributor puts a box of sample packets of
foods there for customers to take and try.........Thats how I found
out about the MIcro Wafers.............almost resembles coarse *ground
blackpepper, and the fish love is my main food anymore,
along with Shrimp pellets and bulk feeds I buy. My tanks are no more
messy feeding the bulk feeds nor do the fish look bad nor do they east
more or less............but it costs me much less in pocket money to
feed *my fish......Feeding cheap *foods and making a mess is an old
wives bull**** tale.just like Wardly and Hartz .........Give em a
variety and they all work just great.........
Will do - thanks! *:-)

I'm waiting for the brand new ultra modern PetsMart to open in my nearest
town. I bet they'll have a large selection of feeds and carry Hikari
products. *The smaller mom and pop store called "Extreme Pets" that just
opened has a very small selection of fish foods - and fish. I can't see how
they'll compete with the two large chains.

Zone 6. *Middle TN USA
~~~~ *}((((* *~~~ * }{{{{(

Based on what Gill Passman and Tynk aka Kelly posts you have to always
feed the highest priced most expensive foods, buy the most expensive
setups, and have the biggesta dbn best of anything so it does the job
correctly and is fit to own. Thats Kelly's (aka Tynk"s) way of doing
things, Do not worry about the small aspects just buy the best and it
should be ok.......................if it does not work just throw more
money at it..................uh huh! TYNK + GILL = 2 DUMBASSES