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On Jan 10, 10:30┬*am, Tynk wrote:
On Jan 10, 9:14´┐Żam, Tynk wrote:

Shrimp pellets are a good all around food / treat that pretty well
most all fish will eat or pick at. I do find the ones made by Wardley
to have a much higher "strange" smell to them as compared to Tetra
brand or Top Fin (Petsmart house brand) as well as others like Hikari
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The crap from TYNK which is one sided has been s n i p p e d....... as its all biased crapo anyhow.........SHE RECOMENDS, like she is some kind of authority.hahahahahahaha when all "The chick with a dick" is, is a dumbass moron............

No one asked byou TYNK.go away you idiot. Your of the caliber that
thinks it has to cost more to be better, when a good portion of all
Top Fin foods is made by a major manufacaturer and its ONLY the
package thats different! Dumbass! Ansd whjy do yu think Hartz or
Wardley is cheaper dumbass.its because they make and sell more of it
fool!...........Noting wronmg i wth any of the shrimp pellets or
pelleted foods, and a comparison of labels shows what is what as well,
but then again you TYNK would have to get your head out of your ass
or from the crotch of Gill Passsman and learn to read.