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Default Substrate heater installation?

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) wrote:

I also try and save folks a lot of $ on set
ups, but ultimately you will do what you want. I cannot force you to
save money or do less work than you need to:-)

Based on your sheer tenacity, your pointing out where money is better
spent, and your focus on minimizing complexity, I'm pretty sure I've
decided to go without the cable. I don't have a CO2 tank/regulator
setup; I consciously opted to get the substrate heater first and the CO2
setup later, using just those dissolvable pellets for now. I don't much
like such "throw away" items as that anyway. And, certainly it's a
relief to imagine there will not be an unnecessary, ugly set of cables
sticking out from the tank.

Here, though:

" George Booth is
one of the few hold outs in the USA on cables"

it becomes a little clearer to me that this, in good faith, is still an
issue of some contention, however little. Beginner that I am, please
understand, it seemed a little contrary to the literature, which, as you
note, is almost certainly sorely out of date (as the literature is on so
many topics).

It is very, very surprising to me to read you write that a tank need
never be torn down. I'd probably not be happy with that just because I
like to tweak things a lot :-)

I will follow your links in the coming days. I'll try and sell my 20w
Tunze substrate heater on eBay (unless someone here wants my unused
one). I've had some bog wood (Indonesian I think) soaking for about 5
weeks now, a couple of heavy root pieces, and a couple of heavy square
chunks. I've changed the water a couple of times, and it's still
leaching out a little brown. I'm enamored of the idea of the wood laid
out with a plush carpet of green. Here's to hoping.