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Default 55 gallon african cichlid tank - turning brown

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It's spelled LABIDOCHROMIS CAERULEUS and there were 80,000 hits on

L. caeruleus refers directly to the blue Lab., most recent texts classify
the yellow Lab. (generally the only Lab. ever found in stores) as
Labidochromis sp. as there is ongoing debate on whether or not the many,
many forms of Labidochromis found in Lake Malawi are indeed just multiple
colour forms of one species or really multiple species.

This is interesting to know.

Labidochromis is actually one of the most omnipresent fishes in the lake,
but the yellow form originates only from one particular small part of the

Incidentally, we brought in wild Yellow Labs. from the lake once for a
store owner's brother. They are reportedly one of the most hard to catch
fish in the lake and if I recall correctly cost nearly CND$40 a piece
wholesale! You don't want to know what they would retail for at that

More than I could afford. :-) I remember paying something like $8 or $9
for mine. That was in the early 1990s. African cichlids were very, very
popular here at the time. Now I notice they get a lot less tank space in
the stores.
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