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Ah, I learn something new every day. However, I really wonder how well

would work. The diatom filter is so fine that it even traps the most

particles and, once you have reached the absorption limit, I think all the
filter would do is to release as many particles as it holds back. I know

if you use a diatom filter on a bad case of green water, the media get
clogged with an hour or two. I guess for a tank without large amounts
of particulate matter, you could keep the filter running 24x7, but I would
still expect to have to replace media quite often, maybe once a week?



depends I guess on the particular model you use. My XL is quite large and
uses 3 cups of diatom powder which of course does the filtering. If you have
green soup in the tank then I agree it will clog up and output flow will be
reduced. In my case in my 77 the water was cloudy and I was suspecting
possibly a bacterial bloom of sometype until I ran the vortex and could see
the green gathering on the powder. I could have shut the filter off and
connected it to all the rest of my 40 or so tanks and filtered them all
before disposing of that powder.