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On Jan 14, 6:23*pm, "Reel McKoi" wrote:
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Try attaching a piece of NORI (sheet Algae) to a piece of rock or
water logged drift wood for the algae eating fish to eaty in a FW
setup............mine all love Nori Sheet algae and its much cheaper
to buy than the wafers.......
I still haven't seen these sheets in any of our local stores. We don't have
stores that cater to Asians. Have you seen this algae anywhere else?

I hope the prices are a little lower in the new PetsMart that's about to
open soon.

Zone 6. *Middle TN USA
~~~~ *}((((* *~~~ * }{{{{(

It is also available in a lot of health food stores. They sell it in
World Imports Store also...and IIRC I have seen it in Wally World in
the section that has asian foods etc noodles, sauces and such......
(just a small area but I distinctly seen it was listed as Asian foods
section)........The same exact algae sheets will set you back $9 or 10
bucks for a package of lesser quantity in the big box pet stores.