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Default Noahs Ark Found at last!!!

On May 10, 7:14 am, "Mike Painter" wrote:
Vreejack wrote:

There is a size limit on wooden ships due to leaking between the
planks. If you made a wooden ship the size of Noah's ark it would
sink pretty quickly even in a calm sea.

Hogging and breaching are the main problems with large ships.
There have also been found ships built with cord that used the swelling of
the wood in a flexible design to minimize leaks.

Most amusing (assuming flat seas ) is that the "solution" to hogging and
breaching can be found in the middle of the USA, right where the fundie
mindset is greatest.
I've yet to see a fundie use it.

Just ask Sam Clemmons.

How about Noah find time to build a large ship in time for the big
How did he know when the flood will come....
How did he gathered all the animals......
He needed divine help but he never ask devine for no flood......
For he had no pity for all other humen to be drawn by the flood.....
For he never been mentioned to curse his god in killing all the