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Anne Lurie
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Default "Finding peace in the water garden"

There are actually some very interesting concepts in this article:

"To create the pond, workers dug the shape and put sand in its base. Then a
rubber liner was installed to keep the water from seeping into the soil."
Owner of above pond says "maintaining the pond is relatively little work"
just draining it every year and scooping out the debris, also adding
Mosquito Dunks in the summer.

Another pond owner is "adding two more ponds to the first 9-foot-deep,
60,000-gallon pond" -- forget snorkeling in your pond, you could probably
SCUBA dive in that one!

Then, there's the "250-foot stream......about 18 inches deep and about 5
feet wide. The water feature culminates in a 7-foot waterfall into a 2
1/2-foot-deep pond of koi. The stream bed....consists of 800 tons of
boulders and rocks. ..... [the creator of the pond] built an underground
vault to house the pumps and filter systems that keep the stream clean.
There also is an automatic filling system, which activates when the water
level decreases by as little as a quarter-inch."

And my personal favorite [not clear whether it's describing above water
feature]: "Ideally, the setting will still look good when the water is
turned off during the winter"??? (Yep, you gotta watch out for those harsh
winters in Washington, DC allrighty. But, here's a thought -- is a water
garden with no water just another hole in the ground?)

"Wherever the water garden is placed, it will bring a cooling effect to the
area...... The water evaporates into the air. It makes the hot summer
nights more bearable.........Everyone is drawn to water. The thought of
bending over and putting your hand in a pond is a nice feature."

Well, at least I can agree with the idea that one can find peace looking at
a water garden! (You'll notice I said "looking at" not "dealing with")

Anne Lurie
Raleigh, NC

"Mike" wrote in message
Finding peace in the water garden
Life: Gardening with water can bring an added element to an outdoor
setting. From birdbaths and small fountains to waterfalls, ponds and
streams, water can give extra sparkle to any yard. It also helps
create a peaceful atmosphere.