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Bonnie Espenshade
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Default Changeing stream ideas needed.

Bryan wrote:
Well on paper my stream idea looked good. In actuality it still looked
pretty good, in practicality after hitting 105+ for the last several days,
and over 90's for the few weeks before that, the stream seems to be my
culprit for loosing 3-6" of water per day!

So to that end I have moved my upflow lave rock filled filter closer to the
pond and am just cylicing water w/o the beautiful sounding stream.

So now I want so Ideas on what to do with my hill I created when I dug out
my pond. aprox 3' high, 12' long and 6' wide at the bottom. I think I need
to create some kind of "pre-pond" to use as a veggie filter. I think this
because my pond has cycles of clarity, unlike my small sam's store pond
(that stays crystal clear, just accumulates algae), this pond will get so
"dirty" you can only see a few inches into the water, then a day or to later
the bottom (2-2 1/2 feed deep).

So I'm looking for suggestions on converting my stream into something else.

I have some pictures of current setup at:


Could you add a basin somewhere along the stream? You
could then fill it with plants and then have it re-enter
the stream.