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Default Barrel pond gone stagnant

On 27 Jun 2006 08:45:33 -0700, "Colin Eberhardt" wrote:

I recently purchased half an old barrel to create a pond. The barrel is
about 90cm in diameter. I originally stocked it with a few plants, some
oxygenating plants and added a small fountain.

However, within a few weeks the water started to smell. I also noticed
a number of small grubs in the water - some of which have grown to the
size of maggots. The water also has the oily surface that you get on
stagnant water.

Did the maggot look like this?
If so, harmless, but still not pleasant to run into.

I have drained the barrel and started all over again!

Now what you need to do is add water movement or aeration with an air pump,
if you have power to it. If not, do a 25% water change once/week. The water
containers I don't have power to, either get hit by the sprinklers or have
drippers attached so the water fills and overflows, staying clear.

Also, are the plants OK to use again? Their soil seems
to contain a lot of the white grubs.

IMO, the grubs didn't come with the soil, a mature fly laid eggs and thus
they hatched. You can either add something that will eat them, mosquito
fish, tadpoles, or small goldfish or you can use a little bleach (2ppm
won't hurt plants and it will be gone in 24 hours, if not sooner as it
reacts to the organics in the tub).

Pete, I've always used garden soil w/my pond plants and never had a
problem. Do you sell aquatic soil by chance. ;-) ~ jan
(Do you know where your water quality is?)

Also ponding troll free at: