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Default Barrel pond gone stagnant - barrels

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"Colin Eberhardt" wrote in message
I recently purchased half an old barrel to create a pond. The barrel is
about 90cm in diameter. I originally stocked it with a few plants, some
oxygenating plants and added a small fountain.

However, within a few weeks the water started to smell. I also noticed
a number of small grubs in the water - some of which have grown to the
size of maggots. The water also has the oily surface that you get on
stagnant water.

The easiest remedy is to change the water. You may need to line the barrels
with a regular plastic barrel-liner or a rubber pond liner.

I have drained the barrel and started all over again!

That's what I would have done as well. But I would also LINE it with
something. ;-) You don't know what may be leaching into the water.

Does anyone know what I might have done wrong and how to avoid this
next time round? Also, are the plants OK to use again? Their soil seems
to contain a lot of the white grubs.

Repot them. I've never seen "grubs" in my 3 barrels, either in the water
or in the pots.
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