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Charles Spitzer
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"Aaron" wrote in message

Charles Spitzer wrote:

if you don't have a test from before the move, how do you know it was

move that caused it?

best guess: the wet/dry is a nitrate factory. it was high before the


Agreed on the before and after... I've thought (but maybe didn't say
in my original post) the same thing.

Assuming the wet/dry is the nitrate factory - will my water changing
process in the coming days (repeated partials) help that or do I have
to go after the wet/dry specifically in some manner?

- Aaron

the purpose of a wet/dry is to produce nitrates. as long as you have it, you
can't get rid of them. no water changes, unless you're going to do an
overflow and have continuous changes, will do anything to reduce them. if
you don't want high nitrates, you have to get rid of the wet/dry.