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Default Help - green algae out of control!

On Nov 7, 8:57 pm, George Patterson wrote:
Big Habeeb wrote:
I'll go with the scrape it clean method, but I do have to ask: is this
something that will stop as the tank ages or is this going to be a
constant process?

You may get a variety of opinions on that. The most prevalent opinion is that,
if you take steps to make sure your nitrates and phosphates stay near 0, this
algae will disappear. With the usual setup, the bacteria in the live rock will
eventually keep your nitrates at 0, especially with monthly water changes of 20%
or more.

Phosphates will be produced as a fish and food waste product, and are frequently
present in tap water. One of the most common methods of handling this level is
to buy a "phosphate reactor" and use compounds that reduce the level.

Using an RO/DI filter to purify your tap water will prevent introduction of
phosphates in the first place. With one of these, weekly water changes will
bring the level down and you won't need to buy a phosphate reactor. After the
level is down, you can go back to monthly water changes.

Yet another method is to buy an animal that eats the algae. The most effective
one is reported to be a sea slug. The problem with these is that they eat only
hair algae. When the algae is gone, the slug starves. I'm not sure how well they
work at keeping the stuff off the glass.

You might want to take a look at this -

George Patterson
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I do use ro/di water already...the algae production, thankfully, seems
to be slowing down since adding the phosphate remover. Hopefully in a
couple more days it will continue to slow and the snails can make some
good headway. Judging by the next post, I'd say I really, REALLY
don't want ot add a foxface, since I'm quite partial to the corals and
whatnot that I hope to be adding in the near future