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Default Help - green algae out of control!

Yea, foxface do the best job of eating algae over
all of the herbivorous, but they also do the best
job of eating corals, and starfish, over all of the

Wayne Sallee

George Patterson wrote on 11/6/2007 10:38 PM:
Big Habeeb wrote:

When you say 'do that' you mean, get something to eat the crap?


recommendations apart from what I already have in there (snails and

There's a sea slug that loves hair algae. Foxface Rabbitfish like it.
Blue-leg hermit crabs like it, but you would need a lot of them to make
a dent in it.

Not sure what you mean by filter feeders are likely to be
history soon either, can you possibly clarify?

Any you have will probably be hitchhikers at this stage, but hair algae
can smother things like clams, mussels, feather dusters, and the like.
Anything that can't escape can get buried.

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