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Default Territoryy: Fish Vs. Shrimp

Pseudochromis, in my experience are very territorial, especially with non
agressive species.
Mine was terrible on anything new, fish or shrimp.

Good luck!

"stringerbell" wrote in message
I added 5 Peppermint shrimp to my tank this weekend in order to try to
control an aptasia problem.
I did not foresee this problem:
The Shrimp are roughly the same size, shape and color as a Strawberry
Pseudochromis who has inhabited the 65 gallon space for about 8 months.
The Pseudy seems to actually be corralling the shrimp up into a corner of
the tank, very far away from said annoying anenomes.
I dont think I can re-arrange enough rock to fix this problem. Many of the
chunks are huge, foundational and were put in before substrate---so a
disasterous release of dangerous substances could ensue.
Any ideas on how to fix this one?
thanks again.............