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I rented a Diatom a week ago that cleared the problem in just a few hours..
Of course, I returned the filter and now the problem is back.. A friend is
lending me a UV that's 6 years old, but the bulb is within a year old..
It's 25 Watts.. and yes, I've had it on 24x7.

I eventually want to purchase my own diatom and UV, but wanted to hear if
others use the diatom 24x7..


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Is anyone out there using a Diatom (like a Vortex D-1) filter in a
tank??? Is it safe to keep a filter like this in place continuously?

I keep having a recurring problem with "green/cloudy" water.. My UV
sterilizer isn't fixing it, and the only thing that works is a few hours
with a rented Vortex Diatom D-1 with Super-Char...

I wouldn't mind purchasing one, but want to know what others thought
continual use in a planted tank..


If your UV sterilizer isn't curing the green water, you have major
A UV sterilizer does a MUCH better job of clearing up green water than a
filter does, with the added benefit of killing free floating bacteria and
other nasties. If your water is cloudy, that is an indication of bacteria
floating in the water, which is another indication something is wrong with
the UV. What kind of UV unit is it? How old is the bulb in your UV unit?
Also, what is the wattage and the flow rate thru it? Do you leave the UV
on 24/7/365?