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Default What does everyone have in their tanks????

Gill Passman wrote:

Let's really start sharing here.....

We have seven tanks in our house....

OK, I started back into the hobby in 1991, with a 90-gal community
aquarium and a home-made top with (currently) 5, 40-watt fluorescent
tubes. It now has eco-complete substrate, two large canister filters and
two heaters, bog wood and slate. It's in the basement recreation room,
and has giant Vallisneria, Anubias, Rotala, Cryptocornae, Ceratophyllum
and Java moss. The fish a 3 clown loaches, 2 small pl*cos, 2 siamese
algae eaters, 2 blue gourami, 4 dwarf neon rainbowfish, 1 larger
rainbowfish, perhaps 18 white clouds and 12 zebra Danio.

This 90-gal aquarium has had blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) issues
since 1999. Around that time, I believe the city started to add
phosphate to the water to preserve pipes. I've tried all sorts of things
to get rid of this algae, without permanent success. Removing the algae
manually keeps the aquarium in fair shape, and I may try bottled water next.

I also have 2, 15-gallon aquariums that started out as quarantine tanks.
They're located in a metal stand one above the other in the dining room.
They're planted, and one contains 2 shubunkin goldfish. The other
contains one fantail goldfish.

Finally there's also a small plastic awquarium in the dining room. It
was bought for my daughter's small frog and later held a betta. For the
last year I've raised red ramshorn snails in this aquarium. My clown
loaches find the snails delicious when I need to reduce the snail
population. The small aquarium also contains Java moss, some Rotala and
aragonite substrate.

I find aquariums to be a pleasant hobby. I appreciate the aquatic
environments we create more than I appreciate the individual fish.

It's easy to get obsessive about the hobby, and this happened to me in
the first year after starting up again. At that time I purchased and
read many books, and fussed over the aquariums quite a bit. In more
recent years, the web sites and this newsgroup have become a good source
of information about the hobby.