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Default What does everyone have in their tanks????

Please all share - make this a big post


Currently in the kitchen:

One small former fridge box (the clear type) with 5 teeny goldfish fry, 3
snails (no doubt soon to be many) which came in on some plants from the

One small tank with 1 larger goldfish juvenile.

Living room:

Juwel Rio 400 litre with Cabomba, Java fern, Anubias, Hygropillia and Vallis
with 4 Clown loaches, 6 Angels, 4 large SAEs, 3 Chinese Weather Loach, about
7 Platy, 2 Bronze, 1 Albino, 1 Elegant, 1 Panda, 1 Stebai Corys .
and 2 Danios left out of 6 from two years ago.


Juwel Rio 240 litre with plants as above and 6 Clown Loach (You can tell I
like them ), 6 Bronze corys, 5 Platy, 2 juvenile Angels, and 1 SAE.

Juwel Rekord 60 litre with Cabomba and Hornwort.
2 Bronze Corys, 9 Neons (was 10, 1 was DOA), 3 Platy (one rescued as fry
from our outside half barrel. Must have gone out on plants)

Two ponds with 2 Comets, 5 Shubunkin, 6 Tench, 4 Goldfish, and 2 Orfe.

I hate to say it, but I'd still like another tank as Gill has got me
interested in her Mbuna :-)