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Jim and Phyllis Hurley
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Hi Bob,

I am sure knnowledgable people will have lots to say about the foods. Here
is my take after 6 years of catfish food. After all, the koi are in fact
German carp selectively bred. They are pretty good at making do and

People have made suggestions about the problems with commercial foods. They
are indeed geared for growth. Yet, the MO wildlife folk use catfish food
for their koi and say there is no problem or anticipated problems.

When I asked more about the koi food on the ng, I was told it would cause
fat on the liver and cut koi life by about 20%. That is not so bad as my
koi are valued at $3.95 to $20 (when they were small). I save the cost of
the fish every bag of food! Also, the fish live for up to 100 years. A cut
of 20 years pulls them to an expected death at the time my sons die. I am
not too worried.

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"Bob Koerber" wrote in message
Jim and Phyllis Hurley wrote:

Here in Mississippi, most feed stores have catfish food. Cost is $11 per
50# bag. Works for professional catfish farmers and for the dept of fish
and game. Works for our koi and goldfish pond. It will sure work for


Hi Jim I go through about 250 pounds of catfish food per year in the big
pond and sure is cheaper than the koi food. Have you had any problem
with the high protein content of the catfish food with your fish? It
seems to be between 8 and 10 percent higher than the koi food and is
formulated for rapid growth so have held off feeding the koi it.