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Default MOVING-help w/ moving fish and temporary pond

For that length of trip, I would highly recommend they be transported with
oxygen in the bag. Some pond/aquarium stores use oxygen, and may be willing
to help you bag the fish for the trip. If you cannot get oxygen, then
tranport the fish in a large cooler with airstone and pump, add amquel to
detox the ammonia if not bagged.

You said that you have a submerged filter. I would take the filter, drain
the water out of it, plastic bag it and take it with me, and immediately put
it in the temporary pond with the fish. It will stay active for a while,
though it may stumble a little, it has been taking care of the waste of the
fish and will not have to be cycled as long.
"Judi9000" wrote in message

1. How do I transport my fish safely? We'll be driving for about 4 hrs.

2. I will need to set up a temporary pond. I found a 500 gal. stock tank

I think will work, but I'm not sure about filtration. Right now I use
submersible pumps and filters in my ponds. Should I use a filter on the

with this above ground stock tank? If so what kind?

3. Can I take a piece of the bio-filter with me when I move? If so, how

do I
do that?

Thanks for any advice!