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Default Fighting Angelfish

On Sun, 11 Jun 2006 11:50:34 +1000, "bassett"

Thanks for sticking with the group despite all the noise.

Most fish do strike a balance, or a feeding order, and once it's
established,, Everything will go along fine, but if you shift fish around
you upset that balance, then you have to wait for it to re-establish.

Well that's the problem. It seemed the balance was deteriorating.
stand-offs and attacks were getting more prolonged and vicious. My
most valuable golden who used to be able to throw his weight around is
no longer the clear & decisive intimidator against the fast-growing
marble. It's hard for me to sit on my hands when I dropped $25 on
the very handsome Golden.

Simply moving the 2 nastiest before any other changes were done
resulted in 2 instantly peaceful tanks. To a newbie this looks like a
great band aid. But I get you point. For one thing the move seems a
little stressful for the marble.

But I think the quality of the food is the answer to a peaceful tank, others
might have another solution.. I remember years ago, I thought I would have
a go at cichlids, and no matter what I did, I always ended up with a tank
full of ONE, due to high protein food

I really appreciate the tip. This is very interesting.

I also have read high temp also can exacerbate aggression. Tank was
81F. So I'm lowering it a little.

I think possibly another contributor is my plants are extremely
overgrown and the fish have gotten much bigger. It looks to me like
there are a few territories & safe places but not enough for all the
fish. A lot of fumbling into fights. Perhaps this is why removing 2
seemed to help instantly?

I'm probably screwing everything up moving them around and not having
time to take care of my plants (or maybe the plants & space have
nothing to do with it) but I've been planning on overhauling the
aquascape anyway. Hopefully it will eventually be a good thing to
shake things up before someone gets seriously hurt- and after the dust
settles a healthy balance will restore after everyone established new
territories and pecking order.

If their reunion is poor, should I consider target fish later? Frankly
I don't want 2 angel tanks right now, or to put down healthy fish, or
the injuries or disease than can occur by letting nature take its

Thanks again.