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not to mention, putting a yellow tang (may grow up to 8") in a 20gallon tank
isnt the smartest thing to do. i personally have a 20g that has 2 true
percula clowns, 1 scooter blenny, 5 hermit crabs and 5 turbo snails, some
richordia (sp?) and 3 small zoo colonies. all this is under a 110watt PC
lightstrip (50/50, 10000k/03 anctinic). ive had great success with my tank.
it sits right here on my desk and is a wonderous thing to look at. if you
get a 110watt pc lightstrip for your 20gallon, you could do more than just
soft corals.


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silencer, race cat, magnacore wires, bosch +4 plat sparkplugs, alloy wheels.
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