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I built a concrete pond ...

....You should use a strong dry mix and reinforcing mesh shaped to
This will avoid the cracking, at least it did for me. You will also
to complete the shell at one time or build in a waterproof joint. With
concrete pond you will also have to remove the alkalinity or the fish
won't survive. I used a chemical agent.

I'm planning to build a RAISED pond, probably in brieze blocks, and
lined with CONCRETE. Should there be a double thickness of blocks?
Should I use a reinforcing mesh (as suggested in pevious post) inside
before applying concrete? How thick should the concrete be? Is it
different to cement from the D.I.Y. shops (in U.K.) ? What size is
adequate - if I only want it 2' wide and 2'6"-3' high, 6' long 'L'
shape in corner of yard, will this be good enough for 17 largish 7"-10"
fantail goldfish. They are currently making do in a half filled bath
for past 5 years! Is there a better way for a raised pond?