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Don Cunningham
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Default feeding question

I had this problem this year also. We've had the pond for 10 years and
always before the fish were at the feeding spot before we were. Last year we
had a fish kill and have all new fish this year. No one of them who knows
the drill to lead the way.
So I bought a Hula Hoop and floated it on the water tied in place. I feed
them within the hoop only. Since Koi are bottom feeders naturally and
goldfish somewhat they didn't know about floating food. So I took some
goldfish flake food and sprinkled it in the hoop. Some would sink at once
and some would float. They ate what was below first, but came higher and
higher each day. Then I combined the flake with some floating pellets. It's
been four months and they are just begining to be comfortable about eating
on top.

don cunningham

"Deswinds" wrote in message
Can someone tell me what to do? or how to go about encouraging my fish to
come to the surface to feed? Right now they wait for the "floating"

to sink to the bottom before they'll eat.

I know, this is hardly a concern, generally, but my grandkids don't quite
understand why they won't come to the surface to eat like they've seen on
the tapes they saw. Is there a trick to teach them to come up? or is it

they are too young. I've 4 goldfish (2" long) and 4 shubunkins (3-4"

They've been in my pond for maybe 2 weeks now.