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Default Convict Cichlid odd behavior

Hi! I'm the somewhat proud keeper of a now 5 year old Convict Cichlid.
I say "somewhat" because it has been quite an experience getting this
far with any fish I've ever owned as most died within the first 6
months! When you buy these in the stores, unless you ask questions,
they don't offer answers and the pesky ammonia and nitrites/ nitrates
step in to undo your efforts in a very short time if you don't know
about them. Luckily, an informative cousin stepped in to help this
time, but he's long distance which makes my possible latest issue

I say "possible" issue because it may not be at all, but thought I would
throw it out here. A few weeks ago, my aquarium hood light switch
nearly caused a house fire and definitely would have if the house
circuit breaker hadn't tripped. Needless to say, I definitely wasn't
going to use the hood for lighting again and, for now, decided to clip
the LED bulb to one of the back, outside aquarium corners. With algae
problems last year, I cut back lighting to 4 hours a day set by timer.
Anyway, a month ago, I started noticing "Jake" (my Convict) swimming
slightly sideways. It wasn't much and not all the time, but noticeable
especially during feeding. My cousin didn't suggest much, but the pet
shop said drop the aquarium temp a couple of degrees and feed him a
protein supplement they gave me. That was about 10 days ago but no

No change, but I think he is deliberately swimming this way when the
light comes on! Because the light is now clipped at the upper back side
of one of the corners and not overhead, I could be wrong, but I think
Jake is angling himself perpendicular to the light's angle. If I flip
off the light, he goes back to normal swimming.

Does the aforementioned sound feasible and will this type of fish do
this, or am I just imagining it?

BTW, I *hope* this group is still active. Not many posts over the last
few years (keeping my fingers crossed).

Anyway, thanks in advance.