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Default Air Manifold and Taps : 55 gal drum

"Drew Cutter" wrote in message
Did you have help with this ? I will print this out and take to the
local plumbing outlet. Do you use a air compressor or a air pump ? a
little confused on which to use. I went to lowe last night , no manifold
or taps. I guess I keep search here locally. thanks.

Oh my mistake, I think I misunderstood your question, I described how to
make drain valves. I don't use a bead filter, because I don't feel I have a
need for one. I also don't have an aircompressor because oxygenation of the
water isn't an issue.

If you want it to make a bubbler, here are a few brainstorm ideas.

1: Easiest just drop an airhose and an 8" airstone in from the top, rest it
on the bottom of the drum.

2: drill a series of small holes into a 3/4" schedule 40 pipe. Use the
smallest drill bit you can find, maybe 1/8" or less, drill a hole into the
side of the drum and push the pipe through. (sealing it may be tricky)

3. put an airstone into the water lines