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Default Time to buy Traces...HELP!

Sorry, i got ahead of myself there and pressed the reply button too

I bought all of the necessary ingredients at a Hydroponic store. The
lady working there was very familiar with PMDD and knew what
ingredients I needed immediately.

ps, make sure you put it in a dark bottle and store it in the fridge.
also, label is so a curious family member doesn't think it's a new
alcoholic beverage

On 25 Jan 2004 06:58:19 GMT, (Nsty N8) wrote:


My bottle of Florish and Florish Iron are almost empty.
It's about time for me to purchase more.
What other cheaper methods are there? I noticed Big Al's sells each at ~$20.
for 2liters. Can some1 recommend an even cheaper brand, maybe from a
hydroponics site or something?