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Default Help me select my Pseudotropheus elongatus mpanga

tran_boraras wrote:
I'm would like to keep some of those, a seller can sell me some young
specimens 4-6cm long. I don't want to keep more than 4 of these. What
would be the right gender combination ? I intend to keep them with 5
L.caeruleus, 3 S.fryeri and 3 Aulonocaras and 3 protomelas taenoliatus

Since mpanga is mainly herbivorious, it won't fit to your
current fish because of dietary needs; it is also from rocky,
sediment-free habitat, which does not suit Aulonacaras.

So I advise against it. But if you go for it, remember it
is mildly agressive mbuna, and best gender combination
would be 1+3 or 2+5.

It also depends on the tank size you have.

My opinion, of course.

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