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A. Paul. Ing
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Default Roy's cross posting...

Excuses escuses escuses huh TYNK. Its always you and some others are
always allowed to make a screw up without any retribution yet when
carol or some of the others did the same they always got accused of
trolling and trashing the groups by you and y ur hate group
associates....hipocrite TYNK, kind of double standards you live by huh
TYNK? You enjoy cross posting to trash and create turmil or else you
would not have been in that troll hate group with Gill Passman.......

On Sun, 17 Jun 2007 07:52:09 -0700, Tynk wrote:

On Jun 17, 8:52?am, A. Paul. Ing

Ah yes TYNK, do me, do me good, your getting the hang of trashing the
sacred aquatic forums now. .....

Sorry for Roy cross posting his nonsense and taking my replies in ONE
place..a place he already destroyed, and cross posting them all over
the place.
I have done it with this reply to let the many groups Roy cross posts
to know that I have nothing to do with it.
Occasionally there are times when I have forgotten to remove the many
groups off before sending, and for those times I say sorry.
Hopefully you all have him blocked anyway and aren't being bothered by
it. That is until he makes another screen name and the filters have to
be fixed yet again.