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Marc Levenson
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Just give it time. My 4 tend to argue about where they will
host. Currently, I have a True & False percula in my BTAs,
spawning babies. One false percula is in the Alveopora, and
the false percula is in a Florida Frilly mushroom.


Dan Norgard wrote:

Hi, all;
Picked up a 2" Rose BTA yesterday and so far the Clowns (False Percs)
haven't even noticed it. Is this normal or do I have a pair of single-digit
IQ Clowns?


80g soon-to-be Reef tank, 1 yr old
30g Sump/Refugium w/PS
250w MH, 4-32w T-8s (quit laughing)
65lb LR, 60lb LS
100 Nassarius, 5 Astreas
1 Peppermint Shrimp
1 Serpent Star
1 Yellow-tail Damsel
2 Hawaiian Dusters
Assorted Mushrooms
2 False Percs
1 Rose BTA
1 Arrow Crab

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