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In article . com,
You can take the shrimp or fish out temporaily also.
Bomb the tank, then return them.
Catching them: drain 80% of the water, they cannot run if they don't
have no water.
H2O2 kills some plants, and did not do any harm to 3 species of green
algae.'s no cure all, that's for certain.

Neither is copper.....
No algicide is.

iNot having the organism ni my tanks would be a good start. I've tried
controlling it, does't work. It never died, once it'd infected
a leaf it'll always come back, and it's everywhere. Or ratehr it was
eevrywhere. I believe it gone now. We'll see. Seevrl tanks have gone
several weeks without a trace of it. The rest I just dosed with

Simple Staghorm appears due to excess fish waste and NH4, substrate

This doesn't explani why it has shown up here and grown very well
in fishless substrate free tanks.

Substrate free tanks with plants and lots of light?
Planted substrate free tanks? I suppose there are such things, not many
mind you

Sure. Glass pots. With flourite in them.
I made a bunch of 4.5" 3" high ones out of 5mm glass one night.

But more to the pouint, yes it does explain things, the tank have far
less bacteria, and this has less buffering of NH4.
asnything that reduces NH4 is a good thing, less light and more plants
and less fish etc.

I dunno. SInce I got an ammonia test kit a while back I've
neevr seen any readongin any tank higher than zero. I mean
geez, most of my tanks are 20 gallon with less than a dozen small
algae eating shrimp and at least a dozen crypts in each tank under
fairly stronk lights, as in as many T12 tubes as I
can physically fit over a rack of these. There's no
source of ammonia to speak of and lots of thigns to eat it out
of the water. I will buy that staghorn flourishes with
ammonia but the mere lack ot it will not IME prevent it's
contunues slow growth into some truly exotic looking shapes
(befors it becomes a baseball sized mass of stringy crap
if you let it go as I did recently for an experiment. I can
fertilize and waterchange this test tank all I want
and the worst that'll haeppen is it goes dormant for a while,
it never dies though unless I kill it. with h202.

PLus ut gets everywhere . I have utterly no problem cntirlling ebery
other form og alage but this crap acts lie a bacerial infection
not alage.

NH4 does not take long to induce algae. Once there, the algae will then
The NH4 presence does not take that long and day or two of poor plant
health, or a large influx of NH4, then it's removed by plants, filter
bacteria etc and you will never see it or measure it till after the
algae has bloomed. can dose NH4 and urea and see this occur ansd work backward
and not have to chase this through fish loads and observations alone.

Fish kills occur in shallow lakes often when wind whips up the
sediments and reduces the O2 to nil. We have almost never measured this
while it's happening, we do see the aftermath. The same is true for the
We know this occurs in lakes because a few lakes had DO monitors on
them and the O2 level where measured during this time peroid. But these
are far and few in between.

You might consider looking back in time to see what was done when it

Bloody hell that was 10 years ago. I never had it before I moved
here, and it's now in every petshop in toronto and locally that
I've seen. SO all incoing stuff is cleanes of it - 10:1 h2o2: water
for 10 minutes then TEST and OBSERVE the plant in isolation. SOmetimes
an infeceted leaf will grow it again, double the time period of the
nect dose. Add TONS of iron afterwords as it gets used up very
quickly doing this. WHen it no longer displays any sign of the cursed
stiff for a couple of weeks it's safe to put into one
of my tanks.

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