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Default Getting a 55 Gallon Tank

"Andy Pastuszak" wrote in message
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On 2010-10-30 16:07:26 -0400, John Smith said:

On 10/13/2010 11:47 AM, Andy wrote:
On Oct 11, 12:42 am, Andy wrote:

Well, I am finally getting the tank tomorrow night. Won't be able to
test how well it holds water until probably the weekend, since it's
to rain the rest of the week here.


Got the tank today. It's a old 55 gallon Oceanic tank. I can't
believe how THICK the glass and silicone sealant is. Hopefully I'll
get it set up over the weekend. Need to decide what kind of filter I

Well? How is the tank working out?

I am thinking there might have been a good chance it would still be
without leaks ... silicone is some very tough stuff ... I have tanks
20-30 years old which still have not been resealed.


The tank is sitting in my family room right now full of gravel waiting for
water. Been very lazy about getting the whole thing together. I'm hoing
to add water to it this weekend. I have a flat screen TV mounted above
it. Soon as it's up, I'll post a picture.

Not sure what you'll be keeping in the tank, but keep in mind that some
flowering plants and aquatic creatures are photosensitive and will react to
a TV screen the same way they'd react to sunlight even if the rest of the
room is dark.

I found this out when my MTS stopped coming out at night, and a flowering
vine I had growing out of one of my tanks stopped flowering when I moved a
computer into the room with my tanks.