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Default Water Lettuce - new growth (Off Topic) Tynk gets a well deserved spanking for her hate group patronization

Oh yea this is the facts ......Tynks just got spanked!

On Sun, 11 Mar 2007 13:14:32 -0500, "Reel McKoi"

"Tynk" wrote in message
On Mar 9, 11:31?pm, "The Shadow" wrote:

ANOTHER NAME?!?!? Geez, give it a rest already.

Are you known as "TWO-STANDARD-TYNK?" LOL!!! Did you tell your foul
mouth friend that when he changes nyms? If not, why not? I notice you
pretend not to see your friend's nym shifting. Why is that Tynk? Are you
afraid of him? Do you have different standards for different people?
Maybe you need to give it a rest since you're doing more to keep these group
in turmoil to get recruits for your Google aquarium fish group then anyone
else. Why not be honest and just invite new people there instead of
constantly disrupting these groups with your mindless harassment? Learn to
use a killfile.

You're not fooling anyone Carol.

Neither are you. You're clogging up every group with you off-topic
harassment in order to get new members for your private elite hand-picked
little Google group. Then you feel you should also run the Usenet groups as
well. You're out of luck sweetie. These are public groups so you're not the
Queen bee here. You have no more say who does what here than I do.

Why bother?

Why do you bother bothering people who disagree with you?

Once again, you're clogging up every group.

So are you. Pot calling kettle black again?

There was no need to post anything you copied in that "reply".

Then stop doing it. Most of your posts are off-topic harassment posts.

I forgot more about ponds and koi than I'll ever know!