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Default Spherical algae balls?

On Saturday, March 11, 2000 at 8:00:00 AM UTC, Marc Goldstein wrote:
Hi -

I've seen a new type of algae in the tank. It includes a pinhead-sized
starting point with roughly 3 millimeter long algal hairs that form what
looks like some sort of puffball. Like an algae pom-pom. The whole thing
is just over half a centimeter in diameter. These grow mostly on the
hanging roots of plants. I've been manually removing them.

Water conditions include CO2, pH 6.8, .05 ppm phosphate, 5-10 ppm
nitrate, KH=2, GH=5. The tank is generally doing fine with not too much
of any one kind of algae.

There are only a few of these in the tank, and neither SAEs, Otos, shrimp
eat any of this kind of algae. I've never seen this kind before, so I'm
curious about it.

Any ideas what it is?


Did you ever resolve this? I have similar sounding things in my pond.
Francis (Portugal)