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Default What does everyone have in their tanks????

"Gill Passman" wrote in message
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Let's really start sharing here.....

We have seven tanks in our house....

OK I have one tank in the house that's all I'm allowed, so I have a 2m,
600L/170g tank.
Quite heavily planted with all the usual culprits amazon swords, etc.
Electronic CO2 cyclone injection using CO2 cylinders from a local bar
supplier. Twin canister filters filtering the water at about 750 g/h

The only things I'm think I need now is a water osomosiwhatsit, to bring my
hardness down to around 5 in the future when I go back to discus keeping,
and undergravel heating which will be installed in February, when the fish
will all get moved into a bin for a couple of days, when I completly re-vamp
the tank.

The inhabitants are;
5 Ottos
10 Clown loaches
1 Bristlenose Pleco
2 Gold Bristlenose Pleco
10 Rummy nosed tetra
4 African Glass Catfish - Parailia pellucida not the Kryptopterus
4 SAE's
2 Blue Ram
7 Leopard danios
5 Diamond tetras
10 Cardinals
2 Marble Angelfish
And the bane of my life 15 guppies, which the fry have no been brought under
control, by the introduction of my tank minders the Angels.

Next plan when we landscape the garden in a large pond and stream effect
running down past out house.