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Al Haunts
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Default What does everyone have in their tanks????

On Fri, 11 Nov 2005 01:26:37 +0000, Gill Passman

Let's really start sharing here.....

Well, I'm returning to the hobby after a bit of a break (like 40

Just one tank here (for now). 50 US gallons, planted. Black painted
backdrop & black substrate. Some driftwood. 80w fluorescent lighting
on 12 hours a day. Now holding a steady 77 deg F.

Current occupants:

1 pair Red Dwarf Gouramis
5 Neon Tetras
5 Black Neons
3 Zebra Danios
4 Otos
2 Bronze Corys
1 Pepper Cory

Mostly a peaceful tank. Although the Danios can't help getting hyper
at times and the male Dwarf Gourami divides his time about equally
between building his bubble nest, foraging for food and
chasing/abusing his spouse.

Recently won a minor battle with Ich. (my fault, tried to get by with
a 100w heater & had a rapid drop in temperature this fall)

Algae is well under control, for now. I did have to zap a
cyanobacteria outbreak (that Maracyn works like greased lightning on
that stuff)

Trying to decide what to add next. Maybe some Marbled Hatchets (very
hard to find around here). An Angelfish or 3 would be nice too, but
I'm not keen on having the Neons 'vanish in the night'. We'll see,
it's all a lot of fun.

I think I'll ask Santa for a set of water test kits. It'll be the
second time I've asked him for a chemistry set, but it's been so many
years, I'm sure he's forgotten (grin).

Regards, Al.