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Gill Passman
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Default What does everyone have in their tanks????

Let's really start sharing here.....

We have seven tanks in our house....

2 5 gall tanks that house Boris and Bob (plus Platy buddy) the
Bettas....they live in the kitchen and flirt everytime I go near them to
wash up or make tea or coffee

I then have a 15 gall tank in the kitchen as well - probably takes up
too much workspace...this houses 2 blue dwarf gouramis, one dutch ram, 5
rummy nose tetras and 4 Juhlii cories....nice tank....

In the office space I have my 47.5UK gall malawi tank....full of killer
cichlids and lots and lots of fry...very interesting to watch the
different communities depending on their size (ie. adult, juvs or
fry)...I've two alpha fish in there that have made an imaginary divide
across the tank - when they stand off against eachother it is like there
is a magnetic force field between them....the others just watch their
backs (or tails) - from time to time someone gets bumped off, which I
really hate :-(

In the living room I have my 7.5UK gall hex tank. This houses 4 Peacock
gobies and 5 panda cories - used to be 5 gobies but I lost one :-( The
gobies are what I would describe as "chill fish". They have great
personalities and don't seem to care about anyone or anything else other
than one another - also are very fussy eaters - won't take flake at all
- the nearest they come to is nibbling on the catfish pellets I put in
for the Pandas....

Upstairs we have my son's 30 gall tank...very pretty...contains 6
Rasboras, 6 Glowlights, 2 Pearl Gouramis, 4 homebred Mollies and one
solitary Yoyo - he didn't start off on his own but there have been
various local issues with the quality of Yoyos...great tank and the
plants do wonderfully up there but we do have a green hair algae problem
- like scooping out green candyfloss - lol

In the Conservatory we have what I describe as my main community tank -
heavily planted - so very green. At the moment it is 47.5UK gall but is
going to be upgraded very soon - as I think I've probably got too many
fish in there - and also because I want to :-) this tank at the moment has:-

3 Blue 3 Spot Gouramis
3 small Boesmani rainbows
2 small red rainbows
3 flying foxes
5 clown loaches
1 queen arabesque plec
5 platys - was two but they did the platy thing :-) and boy did those
fry grow quick
Some neons, guppies and otos - not sure how many as the tank is to
heavily planted to find them all - I know how may went in but I'm not
sure they are still there (pretty sure two guppies have vanished)

So these are my current tanks....what are yours?????

Please all share - make this a big post