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Default Moving......

Jan is very good at reading the details of our questions and getting to more
of the essence.

Don't totally over look John's suggestion though, this is why.

If I was in your shoes, I will buy the small stock tank (35 gallons or so)
and use it afterwards either for the quarantine as suggested, but most
likely for the filtration when you build your pond. Skippy's page has a
suggestion on how to build what I consider to be the best filter using a
small stock tank. see

Just my 2 cents (less than 2 pennies I guess!)

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like an eggs-and-ham breakfast:
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"Steve and Lisa" wrote in message
. ..
Jan thanks so much.....your idea will fit in our budget at the moment a

more than John's....though I'd love to have an isolation tank. (Use to

salt water tanks in past life with isolation tank for the ones that fell

"~ jan" wrote in message
We have one comet, two fantails, one shubunkin, one clam, five pond

and a five frogs (only one that I positively know is still in the pond

see him/her each morning swimming around.

Yes we are taking the pump/filter with us. Lisa

Then you can use that in the tote tub, or stock tank as John suggested.
Tote tubs though are very economical and buying a house.... isn't, at
first. ;o) ~ jan
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