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Default Layer of foam on water


If its a new setup - your getting that from the flourite - and its cycling

I had the same problem - 125 gal 99% flourite - 1% sandbar for the

turn your intake tward the top of the tank so that stuff is sucked through
your filter, It will soon go away.

Id like to see pics if you have any

"Phil Dietz" wrote in message
First my setup:
A new 37 gallon cube tank from oceanic
High pressure CO2 unit bubbling a bubble a second reducing PH from 7.6
down to 7.0 into a Nutrifin diffuser.
100% Flourite bottom.
110 watts light from ahsupply (2.9 watt per gallon)
10 hours of light a day.
Emperor 280 filter
12 plants (foxtail, hygro, coffefolia, nana, tiger lily, wysteria, 4
sword bunches, glostigma..whatever, anachris))
17 fish (rhasboras, corys, cardinals, goramis, angel, otos).

Now my problem...

I am getting tremendous pearling.

So much that I have this thick layer of foam on the top of the water.
Half of the foam is stagnant. The rest is swirling like a galaxy near
the power filter output.

Ive never owned pressurized-CO2 system before. Is this foam common ??

I've always wanted to see pearling back in my DIY-co2 days...

Now I have too much. There are so many bubbles that it makes the top
half glow white -- as if it has an algea bloom. But its just the
1000's of tiny bubbles reflecting the light.

Any suggestions ??

The tank has room for another 10 plants, but boy, what would happen

FYI: the plant pearling the most is the Coffefolia. crazy. I thought
Anubias were slow plants.