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Default driftwood discoloration

I just shelled out $20 at the LPS for a smallish piece of driftwood, in the
forlorn idiots hopes that such an expensive piece would not give me the sort
of problems that found driftwood potentially usually has, namely
contamination, floating, and discoloration of the water. Well I guess two
out of three (as far as I know) aint bad, the fish are still alive and the
wood sunk down to the bottom just fine, but after a week the water is
already turning a kind of amber color, well on it's way to tea colored,
thanks to the tannin leaking in from the wood.

What is the quickest and / or most efficient way I can "fix" or treat this
wood, and some other wood I bought from Ebay, so that it will stop seeping
tannin into the water and turning my tank brown? I know you can soak it but
it seemed like last time I tried that it soaked for weeks and still leeched
plenty of tanin. Any help would be appreciated.